Group Advanced Skills Basketball Training

Elite level training for the most demanding athletes!

When you combine the best and most intense basketball development program in Houston/Katy with the motivation and drive of our pre-selected students you create a dominant and winning combination that is hard to beat. Prepare yourself to be pushed to the limits both physically and mentally in order to extract the your best version of yourself! Qualification is required. Contact coach Richard for more info at [email protected]

Eyecan Athletics can help you improve your skills

Here is what you can expect

  • Elite level ball control
  • Positional footwork
  • Improved balance, strength, and endurance
  • Competitive drills
  • Advanced shooting techniques
  • Performance and Conditioning
  • Proper footwork
  • All in a high energy, enthusiastic enviroment!

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Time to take your athletics
and cognitive skills to the next level

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The Eyecan Experience

What can you expect when you step into an Eyecan Athletics facility?

  • Immediate feedback and teaching on ball handling techniques.
  • Ball handling drills from multiple spots on the floor.
  • Weighted balls, small balls, tennis balls, wrapped balls, warped balls to help improve dribbling under any condition.
  • Real game ball handling simulations – learn how to use different dribbles under different circumstances.
  • And a whole lot of fun!!!

Contact us today for a free trial workout and evaluation

Get an initial workout and evaluation to find out more information about our philosophy, process, and how we help improve all of our student-athletes game. Below is what we will be doing in your workout and evaluation.

  • 60 minute workout
  • Shooting evaluation
  • Ball handling evaluation
  • Athletic assessment
  • Personality evaluation


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